What’s In a Name? Philosopher Edition

Question: ______ Bacon
Answer: Francis Bacon, Sir Francis Bacon to you, was an English statesman, lawyer, and philosopher.
Question: ______ Hume
Answer: Scottish philosopher David Hume was known especially for his philosophical empiricism and skepticism.
Question: ______ Nietzsche
Answer: German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche thought through the consequences of the triumph of the Enlightenment’s secularism, expressed in his observation that “God is dead."
Question: ______ Descartes
Answer: French philosopher René Descartes has been called the father of modern philosophy.
Question: ______ Butler
Answer: American philosopher Judith Butler’s theories of the performative nature of gender and sex were influential in modern feminism.
Question: ______ Aquinas
Answer: Saint Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Dominican theologian, the foremost medieval Scholastic.
Question: ______ Hobbes
Answer: English philosopher Thomas Hobbes was best known for his political philosophy.
Question: ______ Kant
Answer: German philosopher Immanuel Kant was one of the most influential philosophers of all time.